Observatoire des Éphéméries

Mise en musique du poème Wilderness de  Patti Smith,

Présages d’innocence, Christian Bourgois éditeur, 2007, pp. 96-97.

Traduit de l’anglais (États-Unis) par Jacques Darras.

Benjamin Hutter > Chant . guitare . xylophone

Is Loba > Chant, tuyau harmonique, grincement de parquet

Photographie: Is Loba ©

Figurants: Benjamin & Natacha





Do animals make a human cry

when their loved one staggers

fowled dragged down

the blue veined river


Does the female wail

miming the wolf of suffering

do lilies trumpet the pup

plucked for skin and skein


Do animals cry like humans

as I having lost you

yowled flagged curled

in a ball


This is how

we beat the icy field

shoeless and empty handed

hardly human at all


Negotiating a wilderness

we have yet to know

this is where time stops

and we have none to go


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